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San Francisco Forum, June 12th & 13th
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6/12/2014 to 6/13/2014
When: June 12th - 13th
Where: The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco
600 Stockton at California
Salon I & II
San Francisco, California  94108
United States
Contact: Jeri Lou McKinney

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                    San Francisco Forum Agenda



   Forum Sponsors

Falcon Discovery &  Vaporstream

Organizational Sponsors
 Lighthouse eDiscovery & ThinkRazor 



                         Thursday, June 12th, 2014



8:00am                         Registration (Gallery, Salon I)


8:00am - 9:00am        Breakfast (Gallery I)



9:05am – 10:00am    CEDF-KS Communities Overview


CEDF Knowledge Strategies leaders discuss how the organization will bring value to the members in their community and collaboration amongst the 6 communities. CEDF-KS is the only group in the market that offers a holistic approach in discussing and assimilating best practice across the corporate functional departments and disciplines. The aim is to help build bridges between the functional groups and create the environment to share, collaborate and learn from each other’s key strategies.


Goals & Reasons to have a CEDF-Knowledge Strategies Community


1.     Co-creating innovation in CEDF-KS at large your community.

2.     Helping members thrive in your corporate environment through validation activities (community discussions, benchmark surveys, panel discussions, distance learning, etc.)

3.     Collaborating to create and share management principles and best practices.

4.     Intentional application of the knowledge obtained through CEDF-KS membership.

5.     Networking and strategic learning from CEDF-KS members’ experiences.

6.     Dissemination of lessons learned through the publication of papers and advisories.


Community Leaders: Bill Belt (Deloitte), Jon Newcomb (Comcast), Guy St Clair (SMR International, Columbia University), Anne Kershaw (Knowledge Strategy Solutions, Columbia University), Phyllis Elin (Recall), Nat Byington (Zoellner Byington), Dave Swan (JSDU) and Anne Rogers (PM Protech)


10:00am                                         Break


10:10 – 11:10am     IP Leakages Mitigation


Any enterprise that has research and development has the need to ensure that their electronic Intellectual Property (IP) stays private.   In today's world where global enterprise networks blend with the Internet and everyone walks around with a USB memory stick, IP leakage is happening and the "bad guys" are stealing your secrets.  Join us to discuss the practices of protecting assessing your weakness and some technologies and policies that you may want to consider[PM1] .

Dave Swan (JDSU), Diana Kelley (IBM Security Systems), Todd Stanford, Thomas Fou (C2), Gene Chen (JDSU), Paige Leidig (Cipher Cloud), Zulfikar Ramzan (Elastica) and Justin Somaini (                            

11:10am                                        Break

 11:20–12:00pm         In-house & Outside Counsel Collaboration

Different worlds, different incentives, and different priorities.

Admit it: In house counsel and outside counsel are often quietly annoyed with each other. Challenges: Why doesn’t our outside counsel learn how we work? Ask the in-house counsel. Why doesn’t the in-house lawyer respond more quickly to my urgent calls and emails? Ask the outside counsel. Finally we have the technology and methods needed to efficiently bridge these differences and relieve the frustrations, yet their effective use requires thoughtful Knowledge Strategies. Knowledge Strategies facilitate interactions between internal corporate “people, processes and technology” (PpT) and external resource’s PpTs, i.e. outside lawyers, vendors/partners.

1.     Security and Privacy

2.     Records and Project Management

3.     Technologies for Communicating

4.     Outside Counsel Competence

5.     Knowledge Audits

Facilitators: Anne Kershaw (Knowledge Strategy Solutions, Columbia University), Jon Newcomb (Comcast), Bill Belt (Deloitte) and Conor Crowley (Crowley Law Firm)


CEDF-KS Project: Knowledge Asset Management, IG and eDiscovery Communities 



12:00pm                                          FRCP Amendments Where are we now?  After more than four years of discussion and debate, the process to amend the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure may be coming to a close.  What has emerged? How will these proposed changes affect your company?

Mark Yacano (MSY Consulting) and Mark Michels (Deloitte)


1:00pm –2:30pm                    Workshops


                                                  3 - Break-out Sessions


Hands-on Demonstrations or Discussion

                                      (3 Sessions running 25 minutes each)


·      Information Governance

o  Salon I


Vaporstream Demo Description: Mission Impossible?

Vaporstream will demonstrate its eCommunications solutions that allow companies and organizations the efficiency of mobile communication on laptops, tablets and mobile phones, without sacrificing confidentiality and unintended propagation. See how the Vaporstream solution provides electronic communication that leaves no Electronic Stored Information in the messaging infrastructure or the sender’s or receiver’s device. For the first time mobile messaging can be authorized for business use and still meet security, compliance and governance policies. This will be demonstrated by the use of the Vaporstream Information Governance Module.


Facilitators: Mike Koclanes, Brian Yost and Ken Marcks


·      Knowledge Asset Management

o  Pavilion Room (level 2)


ThinkRazor: KnowledgeStoriestm – A Different Way to Manage and Share Content


How often have you posted your document to SharePoint and then spent precious time trying to remember what you called it, where you put it, and what is the correct version, etc.?   KnowledgeStories from ThinkRazor combines the power of SharePoint 2013 with a unique strategy to improve the value of your firms knowledge assets.  Learn how a few good ideas will change how your teams manage and benefit from your knowledge management systems:

-        Business-driven taxonomies

-        Context-empowered documents and other artifacts

-        Data, not spreadsheets

-        Events, not reports

-        Shared knowledge, not repositories


Facilitators: Bob Miller and Ryan Schmelz


·      Privacy & Security

o  Colonnade Room (level 2)


C2 Company Leverage PKI to Secure your Organizations Access Security

This discussion will provide an overview of PKI technology and three examples of how you can leverage PKI to secure corporate user access and seamless provisioning to corporate users.


Examples include:

                Multi-factor VPN authentication

                802.1x wired authentication

                802.1x wireless authentication


Facilitators: Harry Haramis (CEO), Todd Stanford (CTO) and Thomas Fou (CSO)



2:30pm                         Break


2:45pm  –3:30pm      Mock Scenario

      Honorable Judge Elizabeth Laporte, Counsel & Experts: Bill Belt, Anne Kershaw, Nat Byington and Mark Michels     



3:30pm                         Break



3:45pm – 4:45pm       Mock Scenario

      Honorable Judge Elizabeth Laporte, Counsel & Experts: Bill Belt, Anne Kershaw, Nat Byington and Mark Michels


4:45pm                         Forum Adjourns


5:00pm - 6:00pm        Reception






                  Friday, June 13th, 2014  



8:00am – 8:45am       Breakfast (Gallery I)


8:55am – 9:00am       Welcome Message: Salon I



9:00am – 12:00pm    Community of Practice Sessions


The CEDF-KS members will meet in Salon I for round-table introductions and CoP’s hot-topics discussions (Q/A with members).


                              Knowledge Asset Management

National Community Leaders: Anne Kershaw (Knowledge Strategy Solutions, Columbia University), Guy St Clair (SMR International, Columbia University), Rob Greenall, (Microsoft) and Dale Stanley (Gilead)


                              Privacy & Security

National Community Leader: Dave Swan (JDSU), Anne Rogers (PM Protech)




National Community Leaders: Bill Belt (Deloitte), Jon Newcomb (Comcast), Mark Yacano (MSY Consulting), Don McLaughlin (Falcon Discovery) and Tony Knaapen (Chevron)


                              Information Governance:

National Community Leader: Phyllis Elin (Recall), Conor   Crowley (Crowley Law Firm) and Theresa Beaumont  (Groupe Beaumont)



                                        Data Analytics & Big Data Strategies

National Community Leader: Nat Byington (Zoellner Byington) and Mark Michels (Deloitte)




12:00pm – 1:00pm    Lunch



1:00– 4:15pm              Membership Type Session



                              Location- Colonnade Room (2 level)


Moderators: Bill Belt, Tony Knaapen (Chevron), Jon Newcomb (Comcast), Marcy Heronimus (CenturyLink) and Dave Swan (JDSU)


Topics selected from San Francisco Forum Survey and and eDiscovery, Privacy & Security and Information Governance leadership meetings




1:00– 4:15pm              Membership Type Session



Consultants, Lawyers, Industry Experts, Service & Technology Providers, Academic, Student Location- Salon I



List of Moderators: Guy St Clair (SMR International, Columbia University) Anne Kershaw (Knowledge Strategy Solutions, Columbia University), Mark Michels (Deloitte) and Mark Yacano (MSY Consulting)





1.     FRCP Discussion

a.     Discuss FRCP and how vendors can help their clients deal with the new changes. 



Facilitators: Anne Kershaw, Mark Michels and Mark Yacano


2.     Open Discussion

a.     Non-corporate goals and objectives for 2014.

b.    Discuss non-corporate potential projects, surveys, distance learning activities --- to achieve non-corporate goals & objectives i.e., Knowledge Strategy for collaborative best practices manual (Corporate in-house strategy teams, knowledge strategist, law firms, ediscovery practitioners’, IG vendors, etc.)


Facilitators: Anne Kershaw, Phyllis Elin, Guy St. Clair, and Mark Michels




3.     Open Dialogue

a.     Challenging Questions that non-corporate members’ face with their clients: Information Governance, Knowledge Strategy, Privacy & Security, Data Analytics/Big Data and eDiscovery


Facilitators: Anne Kershaw, Guy St. Clair, Mark Michels and Mark Yacano


Networking Coffee Breaks on the hour:  2:00pm & 3:00pm



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