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Knowledge Asset Managment Community

KAM Community Mission:

The community will collaborate on topics relating to all aspects of knowledge asset development, codification and sharing.  The national committee will address a broad array of structural, management and leadership activities to foster connection, innovative collaboration and the building of both internal and external company networks – with the goal of identifying actionable insights in knowledge asset management (KAM) processes, methodologies, and technologies.  

National Community Leaders

Anne Kershaw (Knowledge Strategy Solutions), Guy St Clair (SMR International), Nishan DeSilva (Microsoft), Richard Gomes (Citi), Patricia Fann Bouteneff (Citi)

National Community members identify topics of interest and exchange ideas and best practices with members. KAM actionable insights will be shared at CKS forums, distance-learning activities and through the members-only website portal.

Knowledge Assets sometimes referred to as "knowledge capital” or "intellectual capital,” are the sum of the organization’s knowledge – including but not limited to inferred knowledge held by employees, "codified” or "explicit” knowledge stored in accessible repositories, training programs, processes, proprietary information, and intellectual property such as patents – that provide a competitive advantage or make the business valuable.
Knowledge Services "is the practical side of KM,” supporting knowledge development and knowledge sharing (KD/KS) activities of the organization. Knowledge services is like the many functions within an organization that provide support for all other business functions, such as the legal, human resources, marketing and finance departments. 



Trusted Environment 

The environment is one of trust and confidentiality. CEDF-KS provides a venue for open and candid discussions among its members. Nothing said within the forum activities may be attributable to or be considered the official position of any specific corporation, entity or individual.


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